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Rheumatology learning plan

6.25 credits

Rheumatology topics covered in this learning plan include rheumatoid arthritis, gout, polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis, and antiphospholipid syndrome.

Each educational activity provides key learning points and a post-test so you can check what you have learned. You can undertake the whole plan or select individual modules to meet your identified learning needs. CPD credits can be claimed on each module.

Red flags

Widespread joint pain - red flag symptoms

Joint pains are a common presentation in general practice. Dr Pipin Singh discusses presentations and red flag symptoms that may alert you to potentially serious conditions.

0.50 Credits
Patient Case Study

Scalp necrosis secondary to giant cell arteritis

Dr Elizabeth Roberts describes the case of an 87-year-old woman who presented with headache, lethargy, weight loss, jaw claudication and significant pain and tenderness in her scalp.

0.25 Credits

Guidance update: latest NICE guidelines on rheumatoid arthritis

Dr Katrina Davies describes the latest guidance on rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

1.00 Credits
Clinical Review

Rheumatoid arthritis: clinical review

Dr Rod Hughes outlines the epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. This review includes the latest advice on investigations and the role of early referral and treatment in halting disease progression.

1.50 Credits
Patient Case Study

Relapsing polychondritis

Dr Louise Newson describes a case of relapsing polychondritis. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include the spectrum of clinical presentations, the role of laboratory and imaging investigations, and the prognosis.

0.50 Credits

Lung disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

This article by Dr Clive Kelly examines the lung manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include increased frequency of interstitial lung disease in patients with RA, risk of pneumonia, and the effects of RA drugs on the lungs.

0.50 Credits

Managing gout

Dr Kamilla Porter provides an update on the management of gout, covering acute attacks as well as long-term management strategies. Risk factors, dietary choices, and urate-lowering therapies are discussed.

0.50 Credits

Polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis

This article by Professor Rodger Charlton covers the diagnosis and management of polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis.

0.50 Credits
Expert Perspective

Antiphospholipid syndrome: diagnosis and management

Dr Anisur Rahman and Dr Salma Ahmed discuss the diagnosis and management of antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

1.00 Credits