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Useful resources for GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals, ranging from advice on revalidation to CQC inspection requirements.

MIMS Learning EssentialsExternal web site

Clinical guidance updates for GPs are covered in this premium learning plan. Engaging modules written ...

0.25 Credits

Updated RCGP guidance on revalidationExternal web site

Dr Ravi Ramanathan highlights new Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) guidance on supporting...

1.00 Credits

Medication reviews in nursing homesExternal web site

Dr Pipin Singh provides a practical guide to conducting medication reviews in nursing homes with the...

0.50 Credits

How to prepare for a CQC inspection: CQC briefingExternal web site

Dr Devin Gray outlines what GP practices should do to prepare for an announced visit from Care Quality...

0.50 Credits

Consent in children, Gillick competence and Fraser guidelines: CQC briefingExternal web site

Children’s consent to medical treatment or contraceptive advice is the focus of the fifth article in...

0.50 Credits

Significant event analysis: CQC briefingExternal web site

In the sixth article of our CQC briefing series, Dr Rishi Duggal explores how CQC inspectors approach...

0.50 Credits

Understanding the problem: effective consulting part 2External web site

In the second of a series of video and text modules, Dr Peter Tate discusses effective consulting skills...

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1.00 Credits

Guidance update: latest NICE guidelines on osteoarthritisExternal web site

Dr Louise Warburton describes how to implement the NICE quality standard on osteoarthritis in primary...

1.00 Credits

Perinatal mental illness in primary careExternal web site

In this presentation, psychiatrist Dr Trudi Seneviratne outlines the important points for GPs to consider...

1.00 Credits

Advising women on menopause and treatment optionsExternal web site

Dr Sally Hope discusses menopausal signs, symptoms and management in relation to the 2015 NICE guidelines...

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