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Resilience in general practice learning plan

2.50 credits

Personal and organisational resilience can help GPs, nurses and practice teams to survive and thrive in challenging times.

This learning plan offers 5 articles by practice management consultant Fiona Dalziel, offering insight into the concept of resilience and how it applies to individuals and organisations in primary care.

The articles, from MIMS Learning’s sister publication Medeconomics, will enable you to:

  • Understand the importance of individual and organisational resilience
  • Help to create resilience in your practice team
  • Understand how resilient leadership can help practices cope with change
  • Appreciate the importance of personal resilience
  • Understand how resilience can help individuals and practices cope when under pressure

    Each of the modules in the plan is worth a suggested 0.5 CPD credits. Completing each module will automatically create a reflective note in your MIMS Learning CPD organiser, which can be uploaded to the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs along with your CPD certificate.

  • Practice

    Creating a resilient practice to cope with change

    In the first of five articles, Fiona Dalziel explains the first steps to developing a resilient practice that can thrive in times of change.

    0.50 Credits

    Building a resilient practice team

    In the second of five articles, Fiona Dalziel explains how building a resilient practice team can enable practices to cope with challenges and move forward successfully.

    0.50 Credits

    Steps to personal resilience

    In the third of five articles, Fiona Dalziel discusses how GPs and practice staff can develop emotional resilience.

    0.50 Credits

    Resilience when under pressure

    In the fourth of five articles, Fiona Dalziel looks at how being resilient can help GPs, other practice team members, and practices to succeed in times of pressure.

    0.50 Credits

    How to become a resilient leader

    In the last of five articles, Fiona Dalziel discusses the benefits of resilient leadership and looks at how GPs and practice managers can develop as leaders.

    0.50 Credits