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Palliative care learning plan

6.75 credits

End of life care for adults and children and the management of pain and anxiety are covered in this learning plan for GPs and other healthcare professionals.

The range of topics covered reflects the knowledge and skills that primary healthcare professionals need when advising patients on nutrition.

Each educational activity provides key learning points and a post-test so you can check what you have learned. You can undertake the whole plan or select individual modules to meet your identified learning needs. CPD credits can be claimed on each module.


End-of-life care

This article by Dr Trisha Macnair outlines GPs’ responsibilities in care of the dying. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include GMC guidance on treatment and care towards the end of life, five priorities for individual, holistic care planning, and drugs and dosages for anticipatory prescribing.

1.50 Credits

Assessing pain in palliative care patients

This article by Dr Patricia Macnair, updated in 2017, examines the assessment of pain in palliative care patients.

0.50 Credits

Assessing anxiety in palliative care patients

This article by Dr Trisha Macnair, updated in 2017, covers how assessing anxiety in palliative care patients can better help to develop a treatment plan.

1.00 Credits

End of life care scenario: managing hepatic failure

As GPs become more and more involved with palliative care, they are having to deal with more complex cases.

1.00 Credits
Clinical Interview

End-of-life care clinical Q&A

Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders, GP and national clinical end-of-life care champion explains her role and offers tips for improving your end-of-life care services.

0.25 Credits

Guidance update: latest NICE guidelines on end of life care in children

Dr Jennifer Kelly describes the NICE guidance on end of life care in children.

1.00 Credits

Guidance update: latest NICE guidelines on care of the dying adult

Dr Toni Hazell describes how to implement the NICE guidance on care of dying adults in the last days of life in primary care.

1.00 Credits

End of life care: CQC briefing

In this article, the seventh of our CQC briefing series, Dr Devin Gray discusses how CQC inspectors assess a practice’s approach to end of life care. The CQC will expect to see evidence that the practice is addressing the five priorities agreed by the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People.

0.50 Credits