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Ophthalmology topics including conjunctivitis, blurred vision, glaucoma, diplopia and retinoblastoma. All educational activities carry CPD credits that contribute towards GPs' and nurses' appraisal and revalidation requirements.

0.25 Credits

A ring in the cornea - what's the diagnosis?External web site

Dr Ravi Ramanathan describes the case of an older woman who noticed a ring in the corneal margin of...

0.50 Credits

Recognising retinoblastomaExternal web site

In this article Mr Ashwin Reddy advises on how to recognise and appropriately manage retinoblastoma...

1.00 Credits
Expert Perspective

Strabismus in childhoodExternal web site

Dr Gill Adams provides an overview of the diagnosis and management of strabismus in childhood. Key learning...

0.25 Credits

Eye disorders: illustratedExternal web site

Presentations of eye disorders including adenoviral conjunctivitis, senile scleral translucency and...

0.50 Credits
Red flags

Blurred vision - red flag symptomsExternal web site

In this article Dr Pipin Singh provides an overview of the red flags in patients with blurred vision...

0.25 Credits

Conjunctivitis and iritis: differential diagnosisExternal web site

Dr Nigel Stollery offers advice on differentiating between allergic and infective eye conditions, including...

1.50 Credits
Clinical Review

Glaucoma: clinical reviewExternal web site

This article by Ms Gilli Vafidis and Ms Samantha Levin provides an overview of the diagnosis and management...

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