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Musculoskeletal learning plan

4.50 credits

This learning plan for GPs covers musculoskeletal disorders encountered in general practice. Learning plans provide key learning points on diagnosis, management, follow-up and referral. You can undertake the whole plan to demonstrate that you have studied this area in depth, or use individual modules from the plan to complement your existing learning. You can claim credits for all the modules that you complete.

The in-depth clinical review in this learning plan covers:

  • Low back pain

    This clinical review provides key information on prevalence, making a diagnosis, management and prognosis. A case study provides insight into the management of an individual patient while the evidence base provides references for further reading. This clinical review provides a suggested 1.5 credits towards your learning portfolio.

    The red flag articles in this learning plan cover:

  • Bone pain
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain

    Each presents a quick guide to key symptoms that may warrant further investigation or urgent referral. Red flag articles provide a suggested 0.5 credits each.

    Other articles in this plan cover:

  • Musculoskeletal Q&A
  • Trigger finger
  • Scans and X-rays: illustrated

  • Clinical Review

    Low back pain: clinical review

    This article by Jim Greenwood and Dr Mike Shipley provides an overview into the diagnosis and management of low back pain, including aetiology, investigations, and prognosis. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include classification of low back pain, the STarT Back questionnaire, red flags, and suitable analgesia.

    1.50 Credits
    Red flags

    Bone pain - red flag symptoms

    Dr Pipin Singh advises on how to identify red flags in patients presenting with bone pain. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include how to ask patients to describe the pain, conducting a clinical examination and useful investigations.

    0.50 Credits
    Red flags

    Neck pain - red flag symptoms

    Dr Adel Baluch explains the signs and symptoms of potentially serious pathology in patients presenting with neck pain.

    0.50 Credits
    Red flags

    Back pain - red flag symptoms

    This red flags article explains the signs and symptoms of potentially serious pathology in patients presenting with back pain.

    0.50 Credits
    Clinical Interview

    Musculoskeletal Q&A

    Dr Louise Warburton, GP with a special interest in musculoskeletal medicine, describes her role and answers questions on back pain management, clinical assessment tools and rheumatoid arthritis.

    0.25 Credits
    Expert Perspective

    Trigger finger

    Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Steven Cutts outlines what is involved in surgery for trigger finger. Key learning points for GPs and healthcare professionals include indications for surgery, surgical procedures and outcomes.

    1.00 Credits

    Scans and X-rays: illustrated

    Dr Phil Marazzi presents scans and X-rays of non-malignant conditions. Each image is accompanied by commentary and key education points on conditions including hallux valgus, rheumatoid disease and osteoarthritis of the shoulder.

    0.25 Credits