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Multiple sclerosis: clinical review

Multiple sclerosis: clinical review

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Clinical Review

Time to Complete

1.5 hours


July 16, 2014


January 25, 2017

Programme Description

This article, updated in 2017 by Dr Wallace Brownlee, discusses how to make a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, including using the McDonald criteria, key clinical features and how to manage the condition. Key learning points for GPs and nurses include the epidemiology of the condition, using disease-modifying drugs and understanding the prognosis.

Educational Objectives

After completing this activity, healthcare professionals should have a better understanding of:
  • The epidemiology and classification of MS
  • How to identify and diagnose patients with suspected MS based on clinical features and the McDonald criteria
  • How to manage the condition and its prognosis
  • Authors

    Activity author
    Dr Belinda Weller
    Consultant neurologist
    Western General Hospital

    Updated in 2017 by:
    Dr Wallace Brownlee
    Clinical Research Fellow
    Institute of Neurology, UCL


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