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  • Overview
  • Activity
    • Chair's opening co..
    • Session 1
    • Bronchiolitis in c..
    • Gastro-oesophageal..
    • Diabetes in childr..
    • Bipolar disorder, ..
    • Female genital mut..
    • Menopause
    • Session 2
    • Hypertension
    • Atrial fibrillatio..
    • Chronic kidney dis..
    • VTE diseases
    • Chronic heart fail..
    • CVD risk assessmen..
    • Session 3
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Diabetic foot prob..
    • Coeliac disease
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Headaches
    • Medicines optimisa..
    • Session 4
    • Cancer referral
    • Melanoma
    • Prostate cancer
    • Care of the dying ..
  • Post-Test
  • Evaluation
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This CME Activity has expired and is no longer available for credit.
MIMS Learning Essentials event, London 24 June 2016

MIMS Learning Essentials event, London 24 June 2016


MIMS Learning Essentials Event

Time to Complete

6 hours


May 22, 2016


December 12, 2016

Clinical guidance translated into everyday practice

This activity is for delegates attending the MIMS Learning Essentials event in London on Friday 24 June 2016. It is designed for you to work through during the event and will be stored in your MIMS Learning CPD Organiser so you can access it in the future at any time. The event Chair will explain on the day how to write notes in the activity as you go along, save them in your CPD Organiser and also log your CPD on The Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs.

Purchasing this event will also give you full access to more than 50 hours of learning in the MIMS Learning Essentials Syllabus.

Event Description

View the full programme for the day here

Chair's opening comments: Dr Raj Thakkar will outline how the day will run.

Session 1: Dr Sally Higginbottom will discuss what’s new in children’s and women’s health including which symptoms might indicate psychosis or bipolar disorder in children and adolescents, and how best to make a diagnosis of menopause.

Session 2: Dr Terry McCormack will present a session on cardiovascular and renal medicine, including which treatments to start immediately on diagnosing venous thromboembolic disease and what is the best target blood pressure when treating patients with hypertension.

Session 3: In a session on diabetes and miscellaneous topics Dr Gill Jenkins will include updates on tailoring treatment options for type 2 diabetes to individual patients as well as which patients should undergo serological testing for coeliac disease.

Session 4: The concluding session on cancer and end-of-life care will include insights from Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders into the important recommendations of the NICE guidance on suspected cancer and how to manage a patient’s symptoms in the last days of life.

Find out more here

Educational Objectives

After attending this event, GPs and other primary healthcare professionals will be better able to:
  • Recall what's new and what's relevant to them in NICE and other guidance on children's and women's health, cardiovascular and renal medicine, diabetes, cancer and end-of-life care
  • Know what to do differently in the light of the guidance
  • Recall treatment options, red flag symptoms and areas of uncertainty
  • Conduct audit relevant to the clinical areas covered
  • Signpost helpful resources to their patients
  • Faculty

    Dr Raj Thakkar
    Medical writer and broadcaster, GP partner, clinical commissioning director for Chiltern CCG in planned care, cardiac lead for Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network, atrial fibrillation champion for NHSIQ Thames Valley and Chair of the MIMS Learning Essentials editorial advisory board.

    Dr Sally Higginbottom
    GP educator and trainer, and a GP at James Wigg Practice in London, with a special interest in women's health and child protection.

    Dr Terry McCormack
    Medical researcher, family doctor in Whitby, medical adviser for the Whitby Lifeboat, honorary reader in Primary Care Medicine at Hull York Medical School and editor of the British Journal of Cardiology.

    Dr Gill Jenkins
    Health writer, part-time GP in Bristol, with a special interest in lifestyle health and LTC clinical lead for Bristol CCG.

    Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders
    Medical educator, the RCGP/Marie Curie National End of Life Care Champion, Kingston CCG's Macmillan GP and a GPSI in palliative medicine.

    CPD Certificate

    This is a learning activity provided by MIMS Learning, featuring learning material and a test. Completing the test enables you to claim 6 learning credits (6 hours learning). This credit award is recommended by MIMS Learning based on attending the event, completing the activity and reflecting on what you have learned. If you spend less time on the activity we recommend claiming fewer credits.

    At the end of the day you will be able to complete your evaluation. You will then receive your MIMS Learning CPD certificate, which will be added to your CPD Organiser for access at any time and can be uploaded directly to The Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs.

    Additionally, the MIMS Learning Essentials Syllabus will give you access to learning activities worth another 50+ CPD credits.

    MIMS Learning Essentials syllabus

    As a delegate to this event you will also receive full access for one year to the MIMS Learning Essentials Syllabus. The syllabus includes learning modules on all the topics included in this event, as well as many others.

    View current Essentials Syllabus modules here


    Hardware and Software Requirements
    • A computer with an internet connection
    • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7.x or higher, Firefox 4.x or higher, Safari 2.x or higher, or any other W3C standards compliant browser
    • Additional Software: Adobe Flash Player and/or an HTML 5 capable browser maybe required for video or audio playback. PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat Reader may occasionally be required