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Men’s health learning plan

5.50 credits

Challenging clinical topics in men’s health are the focus of this learning plan for GPs. Learning plans provide key learning points on diagnosis, management, follow-up and referral. You can undertake the whole plan to demonstrate that you have studied this area in depth, or use individual modules from the plan to complement your existing learning. You can claim credits for all the modules that you complete.

The in-depth clinical reviews in this learning plan cover:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation

    Each clinical review provides key information on prevalence, making a diagnosis, management and prognosis. Case studies in each review provide insight into the management of individual patients while the evidence base provides references for further reading. Each clinical review provides a suggested 1.5 credits towards your learning portfolio, and you can increase the number of credits you claim by demonstrating the impact of your learning on your practice.

    Other articles in this plan cover:

  • Chronic prostatitis
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms
  • Scrotal conditions
  • Male genital problems
  • Red flags in haematuria
  • Male breast cancer case study

  • Clinical Review

    Erectile dysfunction: clinical review

    This article, updated in August 2016, covers the diagnosis and management of erectile dysfunction. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include organic and psychogenic causes of ED, investigations, and managing the condition with lifestyle modifications, drug treatment, vacuum devices or surgery.

    1.50 Credits
    Clinical Review

    Premature ejaculation: clinical review

    This article by Mr Paul Anderson and Mr Zubair Cheema covers the assessment and management of premature ejaculation in primary care. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include classifying premature ejaculation as lifelong or acquired, identifying risk factors and prognosis.

    1.50 Credits

    Men's health - chronic prostatitis

    This article by Dr Jon Rees covers the diagnosis and management of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include PSA testing, typical presentations, and when to refer.

    0.50 Credits

    Lower urinary tract symptoms in men

    Dr Louise Newson explains the causes and treatments of LUTS in men in this free module. This article also provides a refresher on advice to give, prescribing and when to refer to secondary care. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include causes of LUTS such as benign prostatic enlargement, and when a PSA test should be offered.

    0.50 Credits

    Scrotal lesions: differential diagnosis

    Dr Nigel Stollery outlines differential diagnosis of scrotal lesions including inguinal scrotal hernia, hydrocoele, angiokeratomas of Fordyce, and steatocystoma multiplex. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include presentation and management in primary and secondary care.

    0.25 Credits

    Male genital problems: illustrated

    Conditions affecting male genitalia, including balanitis, phimosis, epididymal cyst and thrush are highlighted in this activity. Each is illustrated with photographs and key education points for GPs by Dr Phil Marazzi.

    0.25 Credits
    Red flags

    Haematuria - red flag symptoms

    This article explores the red flag symptoms that may indicate a serious cause of haematuria.

    0.50 Credits
    Patient Case Study

    Male breast cancer case study

    Dr Rupesh Amin describes a case of male breast cancer. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include presenting symptoms, risk factors, and NICE guidance on suspected cancer.

    0.50 Credits