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Genetics learning plan

6.75 credits

This learning plan covers genetic conditions that GPs and other healthcare professionals may encounter in primary care, including Prader-Willi syndrome, familial breast cancer, cardiomyopathy, Down’s syndrome and familial hypercholesterolaemia. This plan features a quiz to help you identify gaps in your knowledge.

Each educational activity provides key learning points and a post-test so you can check what you have learned. You can undertake the whole plan or select individual modules to meet your learning needs. CPD credits can be claimed on each module.


Test your knowledge of genetics

In this free 7-question quiz, test your knowledge of genetics in primary care including Prader-Willi syndrome, cardiomyopathy, Down’s syndrome, familial hypercholesterolaemia and breast cancer risk.

0.25 Credits
Clinical Review

Prader-Willi syndrome: clinical review

In this article, updated in 2016, Dr Amish Chinoy and Dr Raja Padidela discuss the genetic inheritance of PW syndrome, the neonatal features and adult complications of the syndrome. Key learning points for GPs and nurses include when to consider investigations and what the prognosis is.

1.50 Credits
Clinical Review

Cardiomyopathy: clinical review

This article by Dr Rajiv Sankaranarayanan covers the diagnosis and management of cardiomyopathy. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include the five types of cardiomyopathy, the importance of genetic counselling and screening, and prognosis.

1.50 Credits
Clinical Review

Down's syndrome: clinical review

Dr Esther Corker and colleagues outline the cause of Down’s syndrome, the screening process and the role of the GP in the management of comorbidities both in childhood and adulthood. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include when to conduct assessments for cardiac, thyroid and gastrointestinal disease.

1.50 Credits

Guidance update: latest NICE guidelines on familial hypercholesterolaemia

Dr Martin Duerden reviews the current guidance on familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH), which was last updated in November 2017. This module covers prevalence, diagnosis, investigations, management and contact tracing of family members who may be affected.

1.00 Credits

Familial breast cancer

Dr Helen Hanson provides an update on familial risk of breast cancer, and BRCA testing. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include appropriate breast surveillance, who is eligible for a genetic test, and management of BRCA carriers.

0.50 Credits
Clinical Interview

Primary care genetics Q&A

GPwSI in genetics Dr Jude Hayward advises on taking an effective family history and the developing role of genomics in primary care.

0.25 Credits