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Care of older people learning plan

6.75 credits

Diagnosis and management of conditions more frequently found in older people form the focus of this learning plan for GPs. The plans provide key learning points on diagnosis, management, follow-up and referral. You can undertake the whole plan to demonstrate that you have studied this area in depth, or use individual modules from the plan to complement your existing learning. You can claim credits for all the modules that you complete.

Clinical Review

Alzheimer's disease: clinical review

Dr David Jolley and colleagues discuss pitfalls in making a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, The National Dementia Strategy and management of the condition. Key learning points for GPs and nurses include early detection, changes to the brain and medication.

1.50 Credits

Comorbidities in older people

Dr Richard Day considers comorbidities in older people, including the likelihood of having multiple conditions, primary prevention and prescribing in older people.

1.00 Credits

Prescribing in older people

Dr Heather Barry and colleagues considers appropriate prescribing in older people, including when to discontinue medications. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include managing non-adherence, and reducing medication burden.

1.00 Credits
Clinical Interview

Movement disorders clinical Q&A

Dr Nick Lance, GPSI in movement disorders, describes his role, and answers questions on diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders in primary care.

0.25 Credits

Assessment of older people

Dr Pipin Singh provides insight into the pitfalls of assessing older patients and presents case studies of good multidisciplinary care. Educational points for GPs and other primary healthcare professionals include common drug side-effects and assessing mental capacity.

1.00 Credits
Clinical Review

Delirium: clinical review

This module, updated in 2018, gives an in-depth review of delirium, including signs and symptoms, management, prognosis and a case study. Key learning points for healthcare professionals include potential causes, who to screen and effective communication.

1.50 Credits
Red flags

Tremor - red flag symptoms

Dr Suneeta Kochhar describes red flag symptoms associated with tremor. Key learning points in this interactive module include differentiating types of tremor, considering possible causes and when to refer.

0.50 Credits