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Drug Name:


Generic Name and Formulations:
Tetanus and reduced diphtheria toxoid, acellular pertussis vaccine (aluminum hydroxide adsorbed); susp for IM inj; preservative-free.


Therapeutic Use:

Indications for BOOSTRIX:

Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis booster immunization in patients ≥10 years of age.

Adults and Children:

<10yrs: not recommended. ≥10yrs (≥5yrs after last childhood DTwP or DTaP or adult Td vaccine): 0.5mL IM once into deltoid muscle.


Encephalopathy within 7 days after previous DTaP or DTwP vaccination.


Guillain-Barre syndrome (within 6 weeks) after previous tetanus toxoid vaccine: see literature. Progressive or unstable neurologic disorders (eg, cerebrovascular events, acute encephalopathic conditions). Previous Arthus-type hypersensitivity reaction: not recommended until ≥10yrs after prior dose of tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine. Immunosuppressed. Have epinephrine available. Latex allergy. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers.


Concomitant vaccines: see literature. Immunosuppressants (eg, radiation, chemotherapy, high-dose steroids): may get suboptimal response.

Pharmacological Class:


Adverse Reactions:

Local reactions (eg, pain), fever, headache, fatigue, GI upset.


Register pregnant patients exposed to Boostrix by calling (888) 452-9622. Report adverse events to VAERS by calling (800) 822-7967.

How Supplied:

Vials (single dose)—10; Prefilled syringes (without needles)—1, 5, 10

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